Birthday party

Each October, on the anniversary of the birth of the project, in the garden of the Campus Bovisa of Politecnico di Milano, to celebrate the birthday of Coltivando is a tradition. Celebration includes tour in the vegetable garden, convivial lunches in which we share dishes cooked with the products of Coltivando: collard greens pesto, quiche with radishes leaves, pumpkin pie, are some examples of the many recipes created based on the availability of vegetables in the garden. Other activities change annually and, in the past, included: treasure hunts, BovisaInCanta concert, the Swap of hand-me-down clothes, the origami corner, the preparation of Coltivando beer, creative recycling workshop and other activities for children.

Workshop and events

One of the inputs that led to the creation of Coltivando is Temporary Urban Solutions, the workshop organized in 2011 in the garden of the campus of Politecnico di Milano, where international students designed solutions to connect the campus to the neighborhood. Workshop activities, have always characterized Coltivando, trying to improve the service by meeting the new people needs and welcoming the design spirit of the students of the campus. A workshop on June 2018, gave rise to “All’orto, all’orto”, an event where to prototype objects, services, spaces designed together with Coltivando team and in collaboration with POLIMI DESIS Lab within the Development Festival Sustainable 2018.

The annual stock cube

Usually, in June and July, Coltivando team has a particular tradition: the stock cube. We dedicate some Saturdays during the summer to prepare preserves for the winter, using of course the vegetables of Coltivando: celery, carrots, onions, thyme, rosemary, sage, garlic, are some ingredients that are processed to the preparation of the stock cube jars (in July 2018 we produced 46 stock cube jars). This tradition, for Coltivando, is also an opportunity to share some time together: we organize a convivial lunch and other activities such as the first sowing of winter, the preparation of salt flavored with spices and pesto. 

Coltivando's beer

Since 2015, Coltivando has in mind a particular project: to create Coltivando’s beer. In March 2015 during the event "Hop ... là!”, in the convivial garden on the Candiani campus of Politecnico di Milano, Coltivando team planted hops and discussed about beer produced in the neighborhood. The objective is: the Coltivando beer in collaboration with Malz - Homebrew creativity lab. Thanks to the first harvest of hops and the expert Malz we had the opportunity to participate in December 2015 in ZAc Mercato Contadino where we presented "Coltivando’s beer ", in a limited edition. Recently we have started a new collaboration with "Ibrida", a startup created by students of Product Service System of the School of Design who will produce beer with the surplus of bread from the Milanese "gourmet bakeries" and from the hops of our garden. 

Baby Coltivando

There are many activities involving children in Coltivando and there are many examples bringing Coltivando in some schools of Milan. In 2014, the daycare in Via Guerzoni and Politecnico di Milano-Campus Bovisa started to cultivate. The first in the courtyard of the daycare, the second adopted a flowerbed in Coltivando. Since 2014, Coltivando has met young gardeners: such as Bianca, Gregorio, Zeno and Lorenzo, whose sum of their ages is 10years old. With their teacher Rossana they have adopted, the same year, a flowerbed inside the garden and periodically they organize trips. Children are always welcome in Coltivando! In 2015, Coltivando helped in designing and building a new vegetable garden in the "Novaro Ferruccio" institute in Piazza Sicilia in Milan.

Compost production

Coltivando produces organic vegetable compost, using fruit, vegetable, coffee, grass and leaf scraps.Compost is a fertilizer obtained from the composting of solid urban waste. They are transformed within a few months into the best fertilizer available. The material decomposes according to some factors: one of these is the season in which composting takes place; the summer period is the best, as the heat accelerates the decomposition process.